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Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton® Lithuania Slammin' Skeleton® Lithuania Tie Dye® and all related imagery

are Federally registered Trademarks of Greg Speirs. All rights reserved.

Original Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton ©1992 Greg Speirs (Federal Copyright Registrations)

Creator & Official Licensor of Lithuania Tie Dye® Brand & Trademark Slam-Dunking Skeleton®. (Exclusive source)


Warning & notice: Infringers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



Lithuanian basketball tie dye t-shirt back


Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton® Slammin' Skeleton® and Lithuania Tie Dye®are a federally registered trademarks created and owned by artist & Licensor: Greg Speirs/ Exclusive Licensor and Original Source. Use is strictly prohibited without expressed written permission from the owner.

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   1993 skullman basketball hall of fame    Lithuania tie dye t-shirts

Lithuanian slam Dunking Skeleton ©1992 Greg Speirs   Greg Speirs' "The Other Dream Team" IMDB bio:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3998173

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Warning regarding use in advertising, news commentary and news reporting: Federal trademark statute 15USC1125 protects the mark "Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton" , "Lithuania Tie Dye" , Lithuania Slammin' Skeleton or any variation in advertising and reports suggesting any other origin or designation of source other than the Licensor and Creator mentioned here.

Original Lithuanian Slam Dunking Skeleton is TRADEMARK AND COPYRIGHT PROPERTY OF GREG SPEIRS. Skullman Lithuanian Tie Dye® T-shirts Brand.

The Original Lithuanian basketball T-Shirt design was created independently by New York artist Greg Speirs. The Original Lithuanian tie dyed uniforms first appeared in the 1992 Barcelona summer Olympics and featured Speirs' original Lithuanian slam-dunking skeleton "Skullman®". Through the artist's generosity, merchandising of his Lithuania basketball uniforms design, raised MAJOR FUNDS of over $400,000.00 for the Lithuanian basketball team and Lithuanian children's charities during the Olympics and became his trademark brand. The artist's design caused nothing less than a sensation at the 1992 Olympics when it was unveiled to the world worn by the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team, at the Olympic closing medal ceremonies. Speirs donated 100% of his profits to the team and Lithuanian children's charities. (The original Skullman Slam Dunking Skeleton).

Copyrights and trademarks are the exclusive property of the artist. All images and use of the brands must be licensed from the artist. All infringers may be prosecuted for unauthorized use of intellectual property. IMAGES ARE ALSO PROTECTED BY COMMON LAW TRADEMARK AND THE LANHAM ACT FOUND IN TITLE 15 AND BY TRADE NAME AND UNFAIR COMPETITION PROTECTION.


  The Lithuanian Tie Dye Olympic jerseys were seen by the world worn by the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team in at the closing medal ceremonies in Barcelona 1992. The jersey’s became a household icon when thousands were sold to raise money for the Olympic team. Due to the artist’s generosity, millions were given to fund the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team and to Lithuanian children's charities. 100% of the artist’s profits went to the Lithuanian Olympic team and charity.  www.skullman.com

 Website: www.skullman.com

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NOTE: Warning. The images depicted on the shirt are federally protected properties of the licensor Greg Speirs. Use to display is granted only by permission from the licensor and with proper credit attached. Copyright and trademark 1992. We give notice to the public and media that the artist is owner of the copyright and trademark to the image, which includes any connections to, displays or links to it. The artwork image is a federally protected intellectual property. Our interest is in insuring that proper accreditation is always given in the media to the artist when his property is referred to or used. We ask that our intellectual property rights be respected or risk infringement legal action. Speirs is not a licensee but in fact is the Licensor and owner of the properties.


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